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Our Culture

Our Culture

Empowering People

We at Lufthansa InTouch are constantly looking for opportunities to improve the way we assist our customers. First and foremost we are offering a five-star service to passengers flying Lufthansa and associated airlines, as well as to the customers from our travel and logistics clients. We strongly believe that exceptional customer service relies on creativity! Therefore we are continuously in the process of designing and implementing new services. Teaming up with our clients allows us to create customised solutions.

We can do it - That's our attitude at Lufthansa InTouch. We love to challenge boundaries.


We can do it – that’s our attitude at Lufthansa InTouch. We love to challenge boundaries. Taking up demanding situations all employees - Customer Service Consultants and Management alike - pull together, which creates a positive energy within Lufthansa InTouch. The inspiring atmosphere allows the Lufthansa InTouch staff to face demanding situations head-on and focus on implementing solutions successfully.


Our employees are the secret of our success. At Lufthansa InTouch we strive to achieve growth and sustainability by empowering our people to provide outstanding quality and added value. Our diverse service portfolio encourages all employees to think outside the box, voice ideas and broaden their skill set. We recognise the importance of conducting ongoing comprehensive training. Because we are driven to enhance the skills of our employees, we boost their knowledge and confidence when assisting customers. Lufthansa InTouch employees work as one international team! We are keen to support each other in finding solutions best suited to the clients. Our unique team spirit is characterised by respect, empathy and commitment to taking over responsibility.