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Attractive Service Portfolio

As a modern and flexible Customer Service Centre, Lufthansa InTouch offers services and products not only by means of conventional but also modern channels, enabled by a highly efficient IT infrastructure. Our growing number of well-known clients profit from our excellent airline industry knowledge, which we constantly strive to extend by offering cutting edge services. 

Direct Customer Services - We offer direct customer services for Lufthansa and the Lufthansa Group airlines. These include General Reservations, Miles & More services to premium customers, Baggage Tracing and Online Support.

Virtual Interaction via Lufthansa's Social Media Platforms - More than 1.8 million users follow Lufthansa on Facebook and Twitter. Our Customer Service Consultants play a key role in maintaining Lufthansa’s Social Media platforms. They communicate with the airline’s customers, manage feedback and assist with various queries. They filter relevant from irrelevant posts, and coordinate the information flow between the customer and relevant Lufthansa departments.

Online Support - If customers require assistance when making a booking online on, they can call our hotline. Our specialised team of consultants guides the customer through the online booking process, helps with any questions regarding the online appearance of Lufthansa, and offers expert assistance should any technical issues arise. Additionally, our web editing team edits Lufthansa's home page and updates it on web and mobile platforms with marketing information and specials, as well as flight and irregularity information.

Travel Agency Support - Our skilled team of Customer Service Consultants assists with all requests on behalf of Lufthansa's sales offices. They provide support with bookings, fare information, ticketing advice, special service requests and all other queries from Travel Agencies. 

Group Sales - The Group Sales service offered by Lufthansa InTouch allows Lufthansa’s country markets to efficiently handle the enquiries of travel agencies. Our Customer Service Consultants assist Travel Agencies with group bookings and all related requests.

Partner Plus Benefits – A qualified team of Lufthansa InTouch Customer Service Consultants assists with all requests for the Partner Plus Benefits programme (PPB), the Star Alliance bonus programme for corporates. Through our Service Consultants members can redeem their points for free flights or upgrades. Furthermore we process resetting passwords and pins, and provide electronic ticketing.

Customer Feedback Management - A highly qualified team of Customer Service Consultants handles a wide variety of customer feedback. Our team manages post-travel complaints, compliments and claimes, ensuring quick and efficient resolution to all customer feedback.  

Station Back-Up in Extraordinary Situations - One of Lufthansa InTouch’s highlights is the airport support in cases of emergency situations, so-called irregularities (IRREG). Whenever an airport station faces extreme conditions such as extraordinary flight cancellations with significant impact, it can trigger a thoroughly predefined and reliable process with Lufthansa InTouch. We handle the rebooking of all passengers according to set guidelines and substantially relieve the work load of Lufthansa personnel at the airport.