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Join our Team

From the First Call

We operate as the one proficient touch point between the Lufthansa Group airlines and their passengers.

Before the flight, on board and after arrival - we assist customers from more than 102 countries in more than 30 languages, 24 hours a day. We achieve our 5-star customer service through experience, teamwork, and the exceptional skills of our team members worldwide.

Making a Booking

Our global Service Centres handle flight reservations and ticket sales, and information and bookings on Miles & More (Lufthansa’s Loyalty Programme). We also manage Special Service Requests like advanced seat reservation, special meals and mobility assistance, bookings of the Lufthansa Guide Service, and 3rd party information like car rental with our partner Sixt.

Getting Around

Your journey involves more than flying. That’s why we assist passengers with information and bookings on Lufthansa Express Rail, Rail & Fly, Lufthansa Express Bus, and the Sixt Limousine service.

At the Airport

We assist passengers with check-in procedures (online, mobile or telephone check-in) and information about airport lounges, airport dayrooms, First Class Terminals, baggage, and services like Unaccompanied Minors, Wheelchair Assistance and Guide Services.

On Board

Anything you need to know? Just ask us. We share information on the different services offered on board, such as food and beverages, in-flight entertainment, Internet services, and special service requests.

An Ear on the Ground

Our highly qualified team of Customer Service Consultants handles a wide variety of customer feedback. This includes post-travel complaints, compliments and claims, ensuring quick and efficient resolution to all customer feedback.

The Extra Mile

We assist members of the Miles & More programme with miles accrual and account maintenance, provide baggage tracing services, and operate Customer Feedback Management handling.

On Social Media

Social media is an important form of communication in today’s world. We use Lufthansa’s Social Media platforms to communicate with customers, manage feedback, assist with various queries, and direct communication to the relevant Lufthansa departments.

Online Support

We guide customers through the online booking process, offering expert assistance with technical issues. Our web team constantly updates Lufthansa's web and mobile platforms with marketing information and specials, as well as flight and irregularity information.