C ultural diversity, huge language variety, and a great ‘can do’ attitude: This is our Brno-based team! Our Service Centre in Brno celebrates its 15-year anniversary – a great milestone. Roman Tesar, Site Operations Manager, and Ivana Alexova, Customer Service Manager, have been there since the very first day.

Roman recalls: “We started in a small office providing services to a few neighbouring countries, and grew to a real global Service Centre with a wide scope of services. I am happy to see all the achievements we’ve accomplished in the last 15 years! All this would not have been possible without our people’s commitment, hard work, and flexibility. I am very proud of the team in Brno, and look forward with a very positive outlook to the future!”

Ivana adds: “We officially started operations on the 1st of June 2005 with only 12 colleagues, and grew our team successfully to over 300 employees. Our multicultural environment with colleagues from more than 30 different countries makes the atmosphere very special, and I am very proud to be part of this diverse team! I greatly appreciate and value the hard work and commitment of each one of our colleagues. Happy anniversary and let’s continue to shine!”

Tobias Vögtlin, CEO Lufthansa InTouch and Head of Customer Servicing Operations Lufthansa Group, congratulates our Service Centre in Brno for this great milestone!