Working in an international company has many perks. With offices located around the globe, the world can really be your oyster! Zubeyde Alarslan took our International Team Spirit to the next level, and has already worked in three different Lufthansa InTouch Centres (with the fourth is on the horizon!)

I joined Lufthansa InTouch Istanbul in 2014. A couple of years later, I wanted to improve my English and experience another country, and wanted to stay with Lufthansa InTouch. I travelled to Cape Town on holiday, and really loved it. I spoke to the colleagues there and applied, and in 2016 I took the plunge and moved to the tip of Africa.

I only planned to stay for one year, but things worked well and I spent 5 incredible years in beautiful Cape Town. With the Covid-19 situation, I wanted to be closer to my family. I wanted to stay with the company, and decided to move to Europe – this time to Brno. Even though I had to quarantine, moving continents during a pandemic worked out quite smoothly! The relocation package was very well-organised; the company helped me a lot with accommodation and other basics like a local sim card to get me started.

It’s nice to do the same job in a different country, meet new colleagues, and experience different cultures. It’s been an amazing journey! I am already planning my next move to the 4th location – next stop, Berlin!