T hree days, two hubs, 37,000 steps: The programme of the Airport & Product Days is impressive. Lufthansa InTouch offers its employees hub crash courses and hands-on experience of aviation – with added value for both employees and customers.

Employees from all over the world get together to explore the major Lufthansa Group hubs in Frankfurt, Munich, Zurich and Vienna. They get a unique look behind the scenes of airport operations; they learn first-hand about the procedures and special features at the airports, and experience ground services and on-board products for themselves.

“With the ongoing training of our Customer Service Consultants, we aim to offer our passengers the best possible service”, explains Erik Mosch, CEO of Lufthansa InTouch. “The Airport & Product Days offer employees a detailed insight into the product and service world of our European hubs.”

“The Airport & Product Days offer employees a detailed insight into the product and service world of our European hubs.”

Learning by doing

“We provide our Customer Service Consultants with world-class training, and even have regular workshops with airport representatives on-site”, says Birgit Karl, Director of Product & Process and the person responsible for the Airport & Product Days. “But you only get a real impression of the dimensions, routes and procedures if you try them out for yourself.”


Several times a year, representatives from each Lufthansa InTouch site get a 3-day taster of what it’s like working at the airport. Baggage handling systems, lounges, aircraft, simulator fleet – the list of exciting experiences goes on.

Birgit is backed up by 30 years of Lufthansa experience; she knows Frankfurt Airport like the back of her hand, and spices up the visits of the different departments. “We get a deeper insight into airport processes and Lufthansa’s products, and look behind the scenes”, Birgit explains. “We were even allowed into the cabin and cockpit of the biggest bird in the sky – the A380!”


“I’ve seen a few airports, but this was such an enriching experience”, says Jialu Liu, one of the participants. “Through experiences like this, the service we offer our customers becomes more professional.”

Jenna Englehart from Peterborough in Canada shares a similar view: “There is no substitute for personal experience. I can now give our customers advice and suggestions and say I’m speaking from my own experience.”

More than just training

And yet, the Airport & Product Days are more than just a training measure. “The programme is to some extent an incentive for good performance”, says Birgit Karl. “We get very well-thought out and creative applications; this is great, as it shows that the Airport & Product Days don’t just educate our staff, but motivate them too.”

“I will never forget that fascinating experience!” says Jenna. “It was so informative, and I feel more confident in my job now, as I can explain things in specific detail. It was truly a once in a lifetime opportunity!”