Meet John, Customer Service Consultant from our Service Centre in Manila. Read how he made our passenger’s day!

“A passenger called with a simple – so it seemed – question: The mother was about to travel with her new born baby to meet her husband. She asked if water would be provided on the flight for the infant’s formula milk. I reassured her that this was the case; she thanked me and was about to hang up.

But, as I looked at the booking, I realised she only booked a ticket for herself and not for her baby! I promptly explained the situation, and she started to panic: She was already on her way to the airport, with her flight leaving in a few hours! I knew there was no time to lose: While mother and baby were travelling to the airport, I managed to book an additional ticket for the infant. With some extra phone calls I made sure that mother and baby would get the assistance they needed once at the airport. Now they were both set to go. The mother was so grateful and thanked me so much for making it possible for the two of them to travel to the baby’s daddy.

I felt so fulfilled and happy that I was able to make the customer’s day and help her in such an extreme situation!”

John, Customer Service Consultant, Manila.