600 sessions per day: This is the average usage of the Lufthansa Customer Service App. And the trend is rising! The Customer Service App offers an innovative way for Lufthansa passengers to reach the Service Centre any time before, during, or after their travel. The app enables customers to solve ‘easy’ issues themselves, by offering self-service options; Customer Service Consultants at Lufthansa InTouch support customers with more complex challenges via chat, email, call, and call back.

Just one click away

The Customer Service App offers ‘on-the-go’ availability to passengers who have a question about their booking or any kind request at any point of their journey. Whether searching for baggage, rebooking or cancelling a flight, one click is all it takes: The app offers self-service options and information sources for the customer’s particular question, or directs them to the correct hotline through their preferred channel – call, email, chat, or call back. In addition, the customer can see the estimated waiting time for each of these contact options. The advantages are clear: Customers get quick assistance, avoiding unnecessary calls and long waiting times.

The app is also available above the clouds! Customers can use the app in the air to find out where the Business Lounge is located at their destination, or how best to get from the airport to their hotel.

When passengers contact the Service Centre via the app, they are connected directly to a Customer Service Consultant. The data and booking information required to assist with the request swiftly and efficiently are immediately displayed on the Consultant’s screen.

Facts & Figures

About 150 colleagues across Lufthansa InTouch are handling a steadily increasing volume of calls and chats from the app – 4,000 calls and 2,000 chats per month on average. “We were very glad that many Consultants volunteered for this new service”, says Jörg Syberg, Project Manager. “The reaction has been very positive!”

• The Customer Service App is used in about 600 sessions per day, and the number is rising.

• Downloads average about 130 per day.

• The proportion of callers is falling, while the proportion of self-service and chat users is rising. Most contact clicks go to Self Services. With about 45%, it is currently channel No.1.

• Other contact clicks are 24% Calls, 18% chats, and the rest emails and call backs.

The verdict is clear: The app gets a super rating from customers! The ratings in the German and U.S. App Stores currently show 4.6 and 4.8 out of 5 possible stars, respectively. Big applause!

Watch this short video to see what the Customer Service App is all about!