I t’s a matter of fact that the airline industry is always pressed for time and expected to provide concise information to its passengers. In the categories ‘response time’ and ‘accuracy of information’, two Lufthansa Group Customer Services operated by Lufthansa InTouch achieved top results in recent surveys. Both surveys were conducted by independent institutions and released in January 2018.

Accurate information to US travellers

fvw magazine, a leading source of information for German travel trade news, wanted to find out which airline provides customer services with the most accurate information. They conducted a case study on passengers travelling to the United States with a minor – a grandfather travelling with his grandchild.

Lufthansa Customer Service asserted itself due to three vital aspects: The passenger could access Lufthansa’s online service from a mobile phone; he got a personal contact person in less than 1 minute; talking to the Customer Service Consultant over the phone, the passenger was catered with accurate information on the immigration formalities. On top of that, the Consultant showed a proactive approach when sharing information vital for completing the forms.

Being Europa’s first 5-Star airline, Lufthansa is committed to offering its customers an outstanding passenger experience. “Our highly qualified Customer Service Consultants proactively assist our passengers and individually care about their requests”, says Erik Mosch, CEO Lufthansa InTouch. “They play a vital role when contributing to making the flight with one of the Lufthansa Group airlines an unforgettable experience”.

Speedy response on Social Media

The customer service firm Conversocial Inc. quantified how large airlines interact with the public on Facebook and Twitter. @Lufthansa is the quickest European airline to respond on Twitter. According to the Conversocial Airline Benchmark Report, the Berlin and Cape Town based Social Media Teams perform an average response time of 9:15 minutes.