E xperience the check-in procedure of families with children or premium customers. Trace the intricate journey your luggage takes on its way to your final destination. Feel the plush opulence of the First Class Lounges. Get up close and personal with the aircraft at the hangar, and have your turn to sit at the cockpit. “Our Airport & Product Days provide the perfect opportunity for our Customer Service Consultants to experience the airport through the passengers’ eyes”, says Torsten Anders, Head of Group Training. “Participants get insights into real airport life, and get a look behind the scenes of the airport.”

The 2019 edition of the Airport & Product Days is off to a successful start! The Airport & Product Days give Lufthansa InTouch staff members a unique opportunity to get an insider’s view of the Lufthansa Group Hubs. Participants explore Frankfurt, Munich, Zurich and Vienna Airports – up close and personal.

In this popular programme, staff members get a unique behind-the-scenes look at airport operations. “Participants gain invaluable insights into key aspects of flying with the airlines of the LH Group”, says Tobias Voegtlin, CEO LH InTouch. “Through first-hand experiences from both the passenger’s and the airline’s perspective, our Customer Service Consultants can soak up extensive knowledge to support our customers even better”.

New features, new adventures

The Airport & Product Days, which were first launched in 2016, became bigger and better than ever before. To create an even more enriching experience, we added some new elements to the Airport & Product Days in 2019, giving participants the opportunity to interact with a wide range of colleagues and business partners. To kick off the events, a dinner with a member of the Management team gives everyone a chance to socialise, get to know each other, explore the city, and experience the local culture. A Q&A session with Management provides another platform for exchange, and presentations by our Lufthansa Group clients give participants the opportunity to learn more about hot topics within the Lufthansa Group.

A once-in-a-lifetime experience

“Exciting, must-have, and fun!” – This is how the first Airport & Product Days were described in 3 words. The feedback from all participants has been overwhelmingly positive: “The whole event is a highlight by itself; it is very intense, dynamic and interesting!”

The Airport & Product Days are an excellent opportunity to live the Lufthansa Group spirit, and network with colleagues worldwide. Participants meet their fellow international colleagues in a casual, informative setting. Alongside valuable experiences, many new friendships are made!

The verdict from the participants is clear: It is an incredible once-in-a-lifetime experience!

“I will never forget the exchange with my colleagues from all over the world. That was a really great experience! It made me feel part of a big family, and proud to work for Lufthansa InTouch!”

In the first half of the year, 7 events were already hosted, with another 7 events from August till November. A total of 126 Lufthansa InTouch staff members will visit Frankfurt, Munich, Vienna and Zurich in 2019, and share valuable insights with their colleagues back home.

Birgit Karl, Director Product & Process and organiser of the Airport & Product Days, concludes: “We are thrilled to give Lufthansa InTouch colleagues the opportunity to explore the Lufthansa Group Hubs”.

Watch our video to get your own look behind the scenes!