Information is key in our business. Our Customer Service Consultants need to immediately find the correct info to assist with any passenger request. Our new Knowledge Centre gets them there in just 3 clicks.

F inding the necessary information to assist our customers quickly and efficiently: This is the goal of the Knowledge Centre – our new Lufthansa InTouch product & process information platform. “It basically works like Google”, explains Manuela Remus-Woelffling, who heads the Knowledge Management team at Lufthansa InTouch. “You type in your search term, press enter, and see the results that match your search – neatly ranked by relevance”. Various apps and documents are also easy to find; navigating through the site and locating the resources you need is smooth sailing. What often goes unseen: To get to where they are today, the Knowledge Management team has come a long way.

Out with the old, in with the new

When the design of our old Intranet started looking a little retro, it was clear that change is needed. To turn things around, the Knowledge Management team developed a completely new Intranet – including re-coding, improving a whole bunch of apps, and designing a new search function. The revamped platform eases the daily work of our Customer Service Consultants and enhances the quality of our service.

The proof is in the pudding, as Sasa Mikic, a Customer Service Consultant in Brno says: “The Knowledge Centre is quick, intuitive and responsive. Its information architecture is well-set graphically, and the search function is efficient, showing results within different contexts.”

The roll-out of the Knowledge Centre and in all our Service Centres is now completed, and the feedback has been very positive. “I like the user-friendly look & feel, and I especially appreciate the feedback function which allows us to share any questions or suggestions regarding the content of a topic”, says Luca Milioto from the Italian team in Brno.

Manuela concludes: “There are more neat features in the pipeline. The Knowledge Centre is going to be really cool!”