T he instatouch event series has created waves across Lufthansa InTouch’s global community – and most recently far beyond. The latest edition was hosted by our Service Centre in Peterborough, Canada, and was attended by a member of the Lufthansa Group Board of Directors. At the end of June 2019, Tobias Vögtlin (Chief Executive Officer of Lufthansa InTouch and Head of Customer Servicing Operations LH Group) together with Sandra Harrington (Site Operations Manager LH InTouch Peterborough) welcomed Dr. Bettina Volkens, Executive Board Member of Deutsche Lufthansa AG. It’s the first time such a high ranking Lufthansa Group manager attended an instatouch event. Further guests from the Lufthansa Group’s top management were Martin Apsel-von zur Gathen (Head of Product Management Customer Servicing Lufthansa Group) and Daniel Benz (Director Regional Sales Products and Programs – The Americas).

The instatouch event series brings together business clients, management and staff members; it creates a platform for instant interaction. It takes a fresh approach to creating lively exchange around business topics. Lufthansa InTouch staff members can engage, liaise, and provide feedback instantly.

The event in Peterborough set its focus on people topics – such as talent development, leadership programmes, and corporate social responsibility. It highlighted customer service operations, and gave insights into customer service in The Americas in conjunction with the Home Based Agent concept.

“The LH InTouch Service Centre in Peterborough has grown to the second largest site within the LH InTouch network over the past three years”, says Tobias Voegtlin, CEO LH InTouch and Head of Customer Servicing LH Group. “Our Peterborough based service centre has positioned itself as competent partner for customer service particularly in the Americas.” This is thanks to them responding flexibly to changing business situations, their hands-on approach, and courage to try something new. Lufthansa InTouch Peterborough was the first site to implement the Home Based Agent concept for example. They also strategically invest in specialised services, expressly in the Business-2-Business area.

120 Customer Service Consultants had the opportunity to interact directly with top management and clients from the Lufthansa Group. The event was streamed live, so Lufthansa InTouch staff members worldwide could also take part remotely. Creating such a virtual platform allows to address topics, ask questions, and receive feedback – instantly!

Want to get a glimpse of the instatouch event in Peterborough? Watch the video to see the highlights of the day!