Forget boardrooms and boring PowerPoint presentations. If you want employees, management and business clients to engage in an interactive discussion, you need something new…You need InstaTouch!

InstaTouch! Get in touch, instantly

I nstaTouch! is an event based on direct exchange and lively interaction. It provides a platform for colleagues to get in touch with key areas and stakeholders of our business. Together with the management team and our business partners, employees explore topics from the world of the Lufthansa Group. So how does it all work?

Talk-show, exhibition booths and live streaming

The event combines elements known from TV shows and trade fairs; this creates a vivid and instant exchange. A talk-show replaces the traditional PowerPoint presentations, while an exhibition provides in-depth insights into selected topics. Following lively discussions and browsing through different booths to explore a variety of strategic business topics. A meet & greet session concludes the event; this gives everyone a chance to mingle and engage. And best of all: Colleagues worldwide can take part remotely! The event is streamed live on social media; colleagues all over the world can tune in and share their thoughts or ask questions, and have live instant interaction with the participants.

Bringing our network closer together

What started as a vision for enhancing interaction amongst our Customer Service Consultants, Management and Business Clients, has evolved into a global success. Loved by our colleagues and business partners alike, the events stimulate exactly what we hoped they would – an active and constructive exchange, where colleagues from all over the world can get involved – instantly.

Want to see for yourself? Watch our video from the InstaTouch! event in Cape Town!