With the outbreak of Covid-19, many of our colleagues have to work from home for the first time. For others, our Home-Based Consultants in particular, this is already common practice; they shed light on their daily routine with some helpful tips!

H ow do you stay productive and keep motivated, while working from home? To find out, we spoke to our experts – Stanislava and Elvis from Brno, and Yildiz from Istanbul.

Dress for success

Some ‘work from home’ first-timers might get excited about the idea of lounging around in pyjamas all day. But don’t underestimate the importance of a fresh shower and change of clothes to improve your mindset!


Psychologically it prepares you for your work day ahead. Stanislava Sobotkova from Brno knows this very well: “Before my shift starts, I always dress as if I were on my way to the office.”

Create a dedicated workspace

One of the most important aspects of working from home is setting aside a dedicated workspace – an area with good lighting and fresh air to increase productivity. Elvis Dolić from Brno explains: “I have a comfortable chair, and I keep my working space clean and tidy.”

Establish boundaries & take regular breaks

Get ready to start your day at the same time as you would arrive at the office, and end your day at the same time. You could easily fall into the trap of not separating work and personal time!


It’s good to have a routine when you’re working from home, but you shouldn’t stay glued to your screen all day. It’s important to take regular screen breaks and get up from your desk and move around just as you would at the office.

Get out and about (while maintaining social distancing)

Working from home shouldn’t mean you stay cooped up indoors all day. Take a 10-minute walk, allow the fresh air and change of scenery to rid you of any mental blocks you might have. Yildiz Onat, Home-Based Team Leader in Istanbul, further confirms this point: “During my break times I go out on the balcony to enjoy some fresh air and my beloved coffee. On my lunch break, I take a walk around the block.”